Seasonings and Barbecue Accents

Couture Kitchen Foods will not only cook a fabulous meal for you and your family, but also accentuate your next barbecue with any of our special made barbecue sauce or  one of our salt-free spice rubs.

CKF Signature Barbecue Sauces come in sweet and tangy regular, or in bold and spicy.    These sauces are great with any grilled meat or poultry, and will not overpower or overwhelm the natural overall smoky flavor of your grilled or smoked meats.  Once you open up a jar of one these signature sauces, the aroma of the spices will entice you to get the grill fired up!  However, you may want to buy your own personal jar aside from the one that you will be sharing with your friends and family!

As for our spice rubs and seasoning blends, they are all blended with very little to no salt of any kind, so that you can add salt (or not) at your own preference.  The spice rubs contain a specially selected blend of herbs and spices that are perfect for not only grilled meats, but also for poultry, seafood and veggies, while the seasoning blends can be used with anything, from meats and seafood, to soups, stews, veggies, and even your favorite brand of unsalted butter for the purpose of making a delicious compound butter!


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