Signature Sauces


Couture Kitchen Foods is service that brings to your table delicious foods and great eating experiences. However, that’s not all that’s available!

If you aren’t in the mood for a personal chef, and you still want a touch of Couture to grace your meals, then the CKF Signature Sauces are what you need! During this barbecue season, CKF is selling bottles of bbq sauce: Cinnamon Shooter and Slurred Peach, both available in regular and spicy.

Cinnamon Shooter is a sweet and tangy bbq sauce, with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. This sauce matches well with any grilled or smoked meat. Be sure to buy more than one bottle, because this sauce will go quickly once it hits the table (and keep one for yourself!)

Slurred Peach bbq sauce is a full bodied sauce, with pureed peaches, molasses, and a bit of bourbon*.  This sauce is brighter in taste when compared to the Cinnamon Shooter, yet it has an equally delicious flavor.  This bbq sauce has a great taste, and will be a real crowd pleaser at your next bbq!

Sauces Still To Come…

CKF is  not done making bbq sauce! 2 more flavors will be rolled out within the next 2 months.

For information about purchasing CKF Bbq Sauces, please send an email to




*All alcohol in the bbq sauce has been cooked off, leaving the flavor notes of the bourbon itself

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